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August 6, 2010
California Magazine
July/August 2007
  California Magazine
January/February 2007
Silicon Valley Home
August 2006
  San Jose Mercury News
May 26, 2006
California Magazine
March/April 2006
"Emotionally charged color photographs of the painfully changing topographics of Silicon Valley."
Alison Devine Nordstrom
Curator of Photographs George Eastman House
"…[Filo's] work is both historically aware and clairvoyant in its examination of land use. Her photographs portray what stands now, yet they always evoke what came before and ask what will inevitably come next…her sensitivity to this landscape resonates with many members of our community who see the complex story of the Silicon Valley through the lens of their own opinions of the necessary balance between progress and preservation."
Terri Whitlock
Curatorial Associate, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
"Filo's camera looks on Silicon Valley with affection. It's her home. She asks the question: Is the valley a lesson on what can go wrong, or a model for other places that want to do things right? She asks, but doesn't care to answer directly. Instead, she is trying to get people to stop and think -- to freeze the frenzy. Her photos do that by offering a pause and a point of reflection."
Mike Cassidy
Columnist, San Jose Mercury News
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